Tuesday , 19 August 2014

Anna University Internal Marks

Anna University Internal Marks for anna university students and affiliated college. Now they can check their Anna University Internal Marks and also Anna University Attendance P

ercentage for the current semester as Assessment Details for the current semester.It will be updated by college staff. Then You can check the elective paper you had selected for this semester as 4 report Period and the 1st is Attendance Percentage.

Anna University Internal Marks and Attendance Percentage


  1. Log in here – coe1.annaunvi.edu
  2. Then find student Log in as above image.
  3. Do some maths for 3rd box to fill and enter details.
  4. click log in.


Anna University Assessment Details


Anna University Assessment Details contains the internal marks and attendance percentage update currently. This is the marks and data which will be reflect in your Grades and Semester marks.

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